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St. Patrick's Breastplate

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Introduction by Alf MCreary

The definitive version by C. F. "Fanny" Alexander

"Christ be with me, Christ within me, Christ behind me, Christ before me."

Image: Page 64 of the book, "St. Patrick's Breastplate".  Introduction by Alf McCreary. Sample Page (Page 64).

St. Patrick's Breastplate with its familiar words, "Christ behind me, Christ before me" has been an expression of Christian faith for many years but what is the complete prayer, where did it come from, and did St. Patrick even write it?

Here Alf McCreary examines the history of the prayer and how in Victorian times, Mrs. Alexander the hymn-writer came to write the definitive version.

St. Patrick's Breastplate is beautifully illustrated with Celtic script, attractive drawings and the complete words of the hymn. ___________________________

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Image: Front cover of the book, "St. Patrick's Breastplate".  Version by C. F. Alexander. Introduction by Alf McCreary.

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