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     Peter and Paul

Image: portion of illuminated manuscript page from "The Book of Kells."


Color / 194 Min.

DVD: playable in Region 1 (North America). 

Included additional: Spanish Language track with or without English subtitles.  Closed captioning in English.

Photo: Anthony Hopkins as Paul.
Anthony Hopkins as the Apostle Paul.

Starring: Anthony Hopkins, Robert Foxworth, Eddie Albert, Raymond Burr,  Jose Ferrer.

Photo: Paul is shipwrecked. Paul is shipwrecked.

Also Starring: Jon Finch, David Gwillim, Herbert Lom, Jean Peters.

Photo: Robert Foxworth as the Apostle Peter. Robert Foxworth as the Apostle Peter.

Produced by Stan Hough. Teleplay by Christopher Knopf and Stan Hough.  Directed by Robert Day.

1981 Universal City Studios, Inc.

MCA Universal

Gateway Films/Vision Video

Distributed by Vision Video.  Worcester, Pennsylvania _________________

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The Acclaimed Network Television Mini-Series

Winner of Two Emmy Awards

"Two key pillars of Early Christianity and Western Civilization.  But in their own day, the world didn't want them."

An Epic Mini-Series

This epic network television mini-series brings to life the precarious existence of early Christianity.  The new movement is beset by violent opposition from without and constant turmoil from within.  Two key leaders emerge--Peter and Paul--who struggle to keep the faith alive.  This dramatic presentation follows the pair, together and separately, through three epochal decades.  

Photo: Peter is arrested.  

Peter (Robert Foxworth) is arrested.

Included are the stoning of Stephen, the road to Damascus, their encounter in Jerusalem, their conflicts over how the word of Christ should be spread.  Paul's travels to Asia Minor and Greece, Peter and Paul's clashes over Jewish law, and Peter's decision to follow in Paul's courageous footsteps.  The drama concludes in Rome in approximately A.D. 64 with the beheading of Paul and the crucifixion of Peter under Emperor Nero.

Photo: Paul is arrested.       Paul is arrested and later beheaded by Nero.    __________________________________

Tell others about Jesus like Peter and Paul did:

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Photo: Peter is imprisoned.         Peter is imprisoned before being crucified.  ___________________________________

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Our Comments:

"This is the best.  Great acting with Anthony Hopkins, Raymond Burr, Jose Ferrer.  Filmed beautifully.  The wonder of this Mini-Series is that is so filled with scripture and so scriptural!  It is hard to believe that it was even allowed on secular television!  In the whole three hours and fourteen minutes, there are only three or four minor deviations from the Bible.  After this film blesses you, you'll be blessing your friends by letting them watch it.  They don't make them any better than this."  

-The Prayer Foundation __________________________________

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