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   St. John in Exile 

(One Man Performance: Dean Jones)

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 Color / 92 Min.


DVD: Playable in Region 1 - U.S., Canada, U.S. Territories.

DVD Special Features: Interviews, Biographies, Dean Jones" Disney film clips and Photo Gallery.  Sub-titles available for the hearing impaired.

Photo: of Dean Jones as the Apostle John. Dean Jones as the Apostle John. _____________

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Tell others about Jesus like the Apostle John did:

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"Don't miss this film!"

-Billy Graham

Photo: of Dean Jones.

Dean Jones.

"Absolutely breathtaking...A real masterpiece!"

-Charles Colson

One man play starring: Dean Jones.  

John, the last living disciple of Jesus' twelve...

Imprisoned, John, the last living disciple of Jesus' twelve, remains full of humor, strong in spirit, and definitely spry.  Through his eyes we relive the moving events in which Jesus Christ changed the course of human history.

Emmy award winning director: Dan Curtis (War and Remembrance)

Emmy award winning director: Dan Curtis (War and Remembrance) directs St. John in Exile with great skill and awesome power.  The author, Don Berrigan, is credited by the Arizona Republic as, "...recapturing the roots of theatre itself."  The original stage version was directed by Lory Basham-Jones. 


"Fascinating.  That rare chance for an actor to stretch his art fullout."

-Charles Champlin, Los Angeles Times       ________________________



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"Magnificent!  One is reminded of unforgettable roles played by Henry Fonda as Clarence Darrow, and Hal Holbrook as Mark Twain." 

-Arizona Republic 


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