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Thank you immensely for your prayer and the work you are doing to help so many.  Enclosed is a check for $25.00 to assist with some of your expenses.  God bless you richly!!!!                                                                                 Nancy A. (North Carolina)  


My brothers and sisters in China are under the gun, strong, and
Glory be to our Father and His Son Jesus Christ.
I am planning a trip to Uganda next winter, Lord willing.  I will be
working with two orphanages there, being grandfather, storyteller,
and helping students write letters to sponsors here in the USA and in
Europe.                                                                                                              Your prayers and thoughts are like gold. 
Monk William


I find your website very informational, and refer to it every day.                 Visit daily.  At times there are things I would like to share with my friends, some on Facebook and others are not.  Would find it very helpful if a link was placed on every page to share your message with others.
Pray for me as I attempt to finish up my Ph.D. in Theology.
God bless your ministry.
Practicing the GREAT COMMISSION in my life daily.
W. Michael N. (Toledo, Ohio)


I am very intrigued to find your website.                                                               It is actually twice now I have randomly come across your website.  I have always been so drawn to monastic living and to find a born again monasticism is great.  I always believed I would end up Buddhist, but I learned the hard way why Jesus is the only truth.  After all the different spiritualities I tried, Jesus is the only one who ever did me any good, and within a year or so of calling to Him, the damage the occult and new age did over many years has been all but undone.  Praise Him!!
I look forward to exploring your website and finding out more about you and your lives.
God bless you all.
With blessings,

Steven T.


Dear Monk Preston;
First of all, I'm not in a hurry, I only want to make sure you get my written letter...
As I wrote in that  letter last month,  this is my 1st anniversary with you.   I've been following your directions for us to become monks.  For prayer, understanding, and wisdom.
Not that I'm a perfect model of any of it...but I have spent one year in joy and appreciation because of you.  Praying when driving along our coastline is heavenly.  I'm so very grateful, and I found a church I love, also one year ago yesterday.  You are making a huge difference in my life, letting God flow through you as you have.  Thank you for example, commitment, and prayers.

In that letter, I also reminded you that you had put me a year ahead.  I ask that you please hold me back this year, as a Novice.  I need time to improve in several areas.  I can still use the card and certificate you sent me last year.  Please let me know if this is ok with you.

May God richly bless your lives in every way.
Kathleen T. (SisterKate)
                                                                                         For whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother.  -Matthew 12:50


Greetings in Jesus;

To explain, many years ago during a difficult time in ministry I

found the book “Celebration of Discipline.”  From there it became

my path in a noisy world to be still and know God more deeply even

though by nature I enjoy people and as a Baptist pastor I know that

activity and noise is usually preferable to silence.  However, it has

been a rich and rewarding time over these many years.


Then, a year ago I stumbled across the idea of neo-monasticism.

This morning as I researched articles on the net, imagine my joy

to find a prayer movement for evangelicals devoted to the core

areas of my interest.  I immediately forwarded your link to my prayer

group of pastors who meets every Monday afternoon.  Together we

are Christian Reformed, Baptist, Congregational, Anglican, and

independent Christian Reformed Evangelical and Apostolic Pentecostal!

So, please add me to your email list.


My thanks for calling us back to our common roots.

Every joy from Nova Scotia, Canada which has as its Scottish roots the motto,

100,000 welcomes!                                                                                                 Pastor Quincy C. (Nova Scotia, Canada)


Monk Preston,
I am with You every day in unceasing prayer and eternal Spirit.  It's been an awesome, Spirit-filled, very blessed year since I joined the Order. 
Yours in Him, in Peace and all Goodness, always,
Monk Tina


My name is Ash and I recently stumbled upon your site and have become very intrigued by it.  I have some questions concerning your beliefs and practices that I could not find answers to on the website, which although very informative, was somewhat difficult to navigate. 

 I have been a born-again believer for the past 14 years but was raised in Baptist and non-denominational churches my whole life.  I attended a small Bible college and have a Bachelor's degree in Christian Ministries with minors in youth ministry and Biblical studies.  I just wanted to give you a bit of my background so you had an idea of where I am coming from.
The first question I had was regarding the liturgy practices.  I read on your site about how the memorizing of a service makes it so everything flows and one is no longer focused on themselves but on service to God which makes sense.  

However, I have always been led to believe that the repetitious sayings are very impersonal and become something you say without thinking that does not come from your heart.  I was wondering how you feel regarding this and if there is the propensity for the liturgy to become mundane, how one would counteract it.  

I know for me personally, I can repeat something I've memorized while my mind is completely somewhere else.  Even while singing some of my favorite worship songs, my thoughts will stray from the holy.  

I know that this form of worship service is not required but is something your specific group has chosen to practice.  ...Anyhow, thank you for your time and consideration, and I hope to hear back from you soon.
God Bless,

Reply from The Prayer Foundation You are correct that in praying something memorized (as with singing a song) one can do so while one's mind is wandering.  This does not mean that we should not sing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs! (see: Colossians 3:16).
Monk Preston goes into the specifics of (and practices for) avoiding this problem on our web page How to Pray the Psalmsand how praying the Psalms makes our personal prayers the opposite of boring, or tedious, which solely extemporaneous prayers can also easily become.  

As you say, it is our "heart attitude" which is most important, in either case.  "Man looks at the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart." (I Samuel 16:7)

If we experience this distraction in our private prayer, we simply start over, or at least from where our mind has wandered.  Your mind will wander less if you pray aloud, but this is not always possible.  

We have found it to be truly a joy to daily pray (or simultaneously sing and pray) The Lord's Prayer, Psalm 4, Psalm 5, Psalm 23, Psalm 117, Psalm 134  (Monk Preston has written of the woman who was so happy that he got her to memorize Psalm 23 --- she said that the Lord kept bringing it to her thoughts throughout the day), The Nicene Creed, St. Patrick's Breastplate Prayer, St. Francis' "Lord make me an instrument of your peace."  

There is no repetition involved, we only pray them once each per day.  If you mean repetition from day to day, well, we generally eat earthly bread (meals) every day, also --in fact three times a day (or more)!  Eating never seems to "get old!"

Of course, we also add our own extemporaneous prayers to those we have memorized every time that we pray.
As Athanasius wrote, when we pray the Psalms, God is speaking to us even as we are speaking to him, and we make our own the words we pray.  When we pray a Psalm we will come to a verse that speaks directly to a concern we are having, but in a way better than we ourself could express it.  After all, we are neither David, nor the Holy Spirit!  (see: Athanasius: Praying the Psalms for additional helpful information).

 “For every man, on every occasion, can find in the Psalms that which fits his needs, which he feels to be appropriate as if they had been set there just for his sake…"  -Martin Luther

The argument that you (and we, also) had been taught against memorizing and praying the Psalms (and any other "written prayers"), if made similarly against singing any memorized or "written" songs, clearly illustrates how invalid and in fact outright silly an argument it actually is.  Imagine what a song service would be like where only songs composed on the spot ("from the heart") were allowed to be sung!

Christ and the Apostles memorized Psalms and prayed them (in fact Christ quoted from the Psalms more than from any other book of the Bible), as did the early Church, most of whom could not afford the extremely expensive scrolls of Scripture and memorized some of what they heard in Church, and that which other Christians could help them learn.  

We have read that no Bishop was ordained to that position in the first 300 years of Christianity who had not memorized the entire Psalter.  If this was not 100% true in every case, we see that it was at least commonly practiced.

As you have correctly pointed out, we do not require the use of our Worship Service by anyone else.  For ourselves, however, it is indeed a joy to participate in weekly, totally from the heart -- we have been observing it for many years now with no boredom.  

Monk Preston and his wife use bits and pieces of it at random in their daily 15 min. of together married couple prayer time.  In fact, he often goes through the entire Service during the day in thought on his own.  Today, on an hour and a half drive back from skiing at a ski resort, he and his wife, Monk Linda, used part of the time to pray out loud together our entire Worship Service (Liturgy).


Dear Brothers:
I have enjoyed using your website - it is informative and interesting. Thank you.  I do have one issue with your site for which I seeking your feedback. You state the following on your page regarding Dietrich Bonhoeffer:
                                                                                                                        "Many of the more theologically liberal clergy simply donned the brown uniforms and began preaching from Mein Kampf."  (Source: William Schirer, "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich".)
                                                                                                                               You also state that many of the more conservative priests left the Nazi church, implying that conservative theologians avoided the error of Nazism.
First, I think it is a recurring error to associate conservatism - or liberalism - with Christianity.  Christianity is a separate divine way from the ways of man.  

As you must know from Holy Scripture, Jesus criticized the Pharisees (conservatives) as well as the Sadducees (liberals) of his day and said that their holiness was insufficient to save them.  As for equating theological liberalism with error and theological conservatism with 'the straight and narrow,' history does not support your equation.

                                                                                                                    Lutheran pastor pastor Friedrich Coch, of Dresden, supported the Nazis and was a conservative.  Monsignor Josef Tizo of Slovakia signed off on about 100,00 Slovak Jews who were shipped to Auschwitz.  Hans and Sophie Scholl  of the White Rose resistance group were liberal Christians, who died defying Nazism in the name of Christ.
                                                                                                                             We are Christians first - adding adjectives - liberal Christian or conservative Christian adulterates what alone, by Grace, is divinely sufficient.  We are saved by Christ - not 'liberal Christ' or 'conservative Christ'.  Don't you agree?
I am curious as to your response.
Your brother in Christ,                                                                                    (Name Witheld by Us)

Reply from The Prayer Foundation                                                                Thank you for your kind encouragement concerning our website!

It was Schirer's book which made the point about the clergy, and of course you are correct that there were exceptions on both sides.  Theologically liberal clergy often claim Bonhoeffer also, pointing out that he seemed to hold more theologically liberal views earlier in his life.  

Evangelicals see him becoming more conservative theologically after meeting his Mennonite friend, attending a black Gospel Church in Harlem, and studying under Reinhold Niebuhr.  We see no contradiction between these views -- they are both true, if one simply looks at the timeline.

If you are referring to political conservatism and liberalism, we are not doing so, and agree with you that the Bible fits completely in neither category.  We ourselves feel that it is generally conservative morally and generally socially liberal (pro help for the poor, for example).  Economically it is (in our opinion) neither; it seems to us to be saying to keep only what you need and give the rest away for God.
The "pastiche" of Holy Scripture comprising the Nicene Creed has been accepted as the summation of required Christian orthodoxy since 381 A.D. (the doctrines contained in it are themselves accepted even by orthodox Christian communions that reject all Creeds on principle) and was itself a summation of the earlier "Rule of Faith" mentioned by Irenaus and other Church Fathers as going back to the Apostles themselves (see our web pages: Nicene Creed, Scripture Basis, and What All Christians Believe in Common.)  

These teachings have been accepted and held by all orthodox Protestant, Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox communions throughout history since Christianity's inception. 

Rejection of any of such "essential" (to one's Christian orthodoxy, "orthodoxia", or Right Belief) Biblical doctrines found within the text of the Nicene Creed, such as the doctrines of the Trinity, Deity of Christ, Virgin Birth, 2nd Coming of Christ, etc. places one outside the pale of Christian orthodoxy, and has done so, for the past 2,000 years. 

One may indeed have repented and received Christ, but if one rejects one or more of these "essential" (to one's Christian orthodoxy) doctrines, he (or she) is not teaching Apostolic Christianity, but rather a denial of it: false theological error, heretical opinions.

We do indeed agree that a Christian is saved by Christ by grace (Ephesians 2:8-9).  We do not judge (we are indeed quite unable to) whether someone has truly received Christ; is truly a Christian.  Only Christ can ultimately know those who are His.  

And it is also true that, on the other hand, if one holds to all of the orthodox teachings found in the Scripture portions comprising the Nicene Creed, but has not truly repented and received Christ, we fail to see how that individual can be considered to be a Christian ("...the devils also believe, and tremble" -James 2:19).

The Bible teaches that not only are we able to, but that we are in fact required to discern whether someone is within or without the pale of Christian orthodoxy, and is teaching error (see: I John 4:1; II John 1:1).


Thank you for the neat website.                                                                     Carmen (Puerto Rico)


Dear Prayer Foundation,
Thank you for the reply to my survey.  I really do like your site.  And I too, am working on studying the Church Fathers as well as just general philosophy and theology.  St. Thomas Aquinas has been my distant teacher, you could say.  But, I do feel the call to pray more and be more "Monkish." Well, thank you for your ministry and I do hope to meet with you one day.
Yours in Christ,
Barney C. (Minnesota)


How Found: Preparing to teach on Mueller's prayer life, lead me to your site.
Liked Best: The depth of content.
Liked Least: Silly but, the blue capital letters in your headings.
Like to See: Get rid of the blue capital that's just me. I like the site, general layout, and content.  
                                                            Phonetic spelling of the Gaelic sayings. I studied the language several years back but lack of use, Kansas not many speakers, caused the learning to lapse.
Born-again? Yes.
Visit Site: Daily.         
Comments: WOW. I am very impressed with the amount of information, prayer and other that you have linked within and externally. I will take me some time to wade through it all. Thank you for the time and effort you have expended making this information centrally available.                                          (Kansas)


I was so excited to stumble upon your web site.  It so very much seems to match my yearnings.  I have been trying to learn to pray and meditate.  The article on the Lectio Divina seems very helpful.
I have always loved Celtic music and culture.  I even made a shield, of the same pattern that you use on your shield.  I made the shield of leather and wood.
The western world seems to have left its very important roots.
Yours in Christ,
Curtis B.


How Found: Internet search on Lectio Divina. Looking up lay monastics.
Liked Best: Ordinary people as Monks & dedication to prayerful life.
Born-again? Yes.
Visit Site: Less than weekly.

Comments: Very Celtic! Never heard of Protestant Monks!!
I really love the inclusion from all Christian traditions. 


Thank you for providing so much inspirational material at your site. I have really enjoyed exploring my faith with the articles I have found here. I especially enjoyed the Celtic pages which have armed me with good information that I have been able to use to witness with to some of my fellow Scotsmen in NC.  God bless your work for the Gospel of Jesus Christ for which we are not ashamed.  Be encouraged as I have been encouraged by you all. Thank You.                                                                                       Daniel A. (North Carolina)


How Found: Internet search on Lectio Divina.
Liked Best: Great info. and approach.
Liked Least: Nothing.
Like to See: Listings to local study groups.
Born-again? Yes.
Visit Site: Less than weekly.
Comments: I'm impressed and interested.                                                            (Washington)


I have just discovered your website, and was really blessed by it.  I have been wanting to implement some version of prayer throughout the day into my life, as just a spiritual discipline, and having studied Church History quite a bit in the past, I wanted to base it on some structure like the Benedictine offices, only simpler.  But I like your simple “Threefold Daily Prayers” summary, of Morning, Noon, and Evening.  Thanks so much, and thank you for putting together your website and ministry.  I look forward to further exploring the wealth of prayer resources you have on your site.  I’m glad I found my way there, and intend to come back often.  Again, blessings in the significant work you are doing.                                                                                               Durwin K.


How Found: Browsing on the internet.
Liked Best: That women are accepted as equals into the order.
Liked Least: Nothing comes to mind.
Born-again? Yes.
Visit Site: Daily.
Comments: I was impressed at how much you emphasize prayer, and make a life of prayer accessible to lay people (who are usually very busy).   (Manitoba, Canada)


Greetings in the name of our Lord most High to Monk Preston,
Monk Linda and all other monks in Portland.
We are doing good here, baby Hannah is 2 months old now. Thanks to all the monks and family of the Foundation who prayed for Hannah's safe birth. We could feel God's hand and the waves of prayers by the faithful.
Thanks and Regards,
Monk Justin (Wellington, New Zealand)


How Found: "Christian monasticism" at
Liked Best: Historical background on monasticism.
Liked Least: Old stuff like the Nicene Creed.
What Could Be Improved? Modernize the robes, make them new, too.
Like to See: Give me time this is my first time here.
Born-again? Yes.
Visit Site: Less than weekly.                                                                 Comments:
Colorful with lots and lots of information, with clear writing well organized.


I’ve been reading your webpage for a week now. I like it. I know there has to be Christians like myself...someone who prays an hour a day (minimum) as I do.

I’ve found some books that have been helpful... Recently I spent some time with some Catholics who meditate but I found that they had practices concerning Mary that I don’t have in common with them.  I am not a Catholic.

What am I?  A fifty-one year old married female Christian who became born-again 28 years ago. I read the Bible cover to cover every year, most years. I have studied parts of the Bible thoroughly using the Precept Upon Precept method of inductive study.  I have a prayer life that is too personal to share here in email but it’s very important to me.  I seem to have been called to intercessory prayer if that helps to explain.

Labels aren’t important and I don’t think I fit any label very easily.  Maybe that is partly why I don’t have a denominational alliance.  I am a very committed Christian and my faith and my walk with the Lord is the most important thing in my life.  I’ve been zealous (or serious, dedicated) for the entire 28 years.  I am surrounded by liberal Christians.

I too have a dedication to solitude and quiet which is crucial to prayer and meditation and contemplation and Bible reading. I am a wife and mother as well as a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ.

My doctrines are Grace based, not works based.  If you love Jesus you will obey His commandments—John 14:15.  Obedience is love based, not the means to salvation.  J. Vernon McGee and I have much in common theologically and I noticed that your website also endorsed his work.

I wanted to share enough to let you know that my desire for like-minded people is very strong and it is highly possible that by finding all of you that I may have found some people who are similar to myself.

Thank you for your time.  I appreciate it 1000% and even more so now that I understand how much time you are dedicating to this work.

It’s grievous how many dangers you face in so many aspects of your work.  I do appreciate the time it took to write to me and I have already added you and your ministry to my prayer list.

I spend a lot of time at your website and I now understand that it is your ministry so I will continue to be on there.

I fervently pray the Lord Jesus Christ’s many blessings and protections for you and all of your work.

Thank you most sincerely,                                                                      Catherine L. (Tacoma, Washington)


How Found: Researching women monks
Liked Best: Everything I've read so far, especially the elegant way the prayers are presented.
Liked Least: Nothing.
Like to See: Hmmm...mp3 files of prayers, chanting or sacred music.
Visit Site: Daily.   
Comments: I thanked God I found it immediately!  It is AWESOME!


Liked Best: Resources.
Liked Least:  Movies.
Like to See: Different languages...and also make this site email daily verses to email addresses.
Born-again? No.
Visit Site: Less than weekly.                                                                            Age Group: Under 18.                                                                                  Comments: Great the colors.


Dear Monk Preston,                                                                                        Wow, I have never heard Thomas Cahill before but his rending of the prayer arrests the attention of the listener (Youtube: Thomas Cahill reading St. Patrick's Breastplate).  Gripping render.  Thanks for mentioning it.  ...I agree completely regarding the Ken Read Ensemble’s version.  Particularly as it does not abridge the text.                                                                                    On a separate note may I say thank you for attending the prayer ministry.  Not just from the aspect of what a difference it makes to God’s work in the world and the heavenly places, but also personally for the encouragement it has been over the last 2 years; and continues to be.  I and the children of The School Room have benefitted greatly as we joined together in learning...sets of memory verses.  We learned 1 per week and then tacked them to the wall around the room as they were learnt.                                                           Maybe one day we’ll have the opportunity to meet.  I would enjoy being able to worship and fellowship together.                                                                  Yours in His,                                                                                                         Brother Bruce (Suffolk, England)


Survey:                                                                                                             How Found: Google - Canticle of Brother Sun.
Liked Best: The whole premise of a monastic community via the Internet.
Liked Least: I don't know yet.
Born-again? Yes.
Visit Site: Weekly.
Age Group: 18-29.
Comments: I thought it was inspiring and stirred my spirit.
                            Bob (Massachusetts)


Survey:                                                                                                             How Found: Googled George Meuller - one of my heroes, wanted to show a friend a picture of him.
Liked Best: So hard to say: "Breastplate" Prayer, the Offices - like coming home.
Liked Least: Impossible to say - unless it's the small print, but that could be the way I have the computor set up :)
Like to See: Too early to say: I just went from page to page feeling delighted
Something about St. John of the Cross and Julian of Norwich - maybe it's there and I haven't found it yet?  Also Thomas a Kempis?
Born-again? Yes.
Visit Site: Less than weekly.
Comments: Blew me away, we are New Zealanders of Celtic heritage, drawn to celtic expressions of faith, used to be 3rd order Franciscans: everything I looked at filled my heart and soul with delight, so many familiar images and writings.
So excited - we went to a Change the World School of Prayer in the 70's or early 80s - awesome, you guys seem to be on the same wavelength - I have needed this so much, you are an answer to prayer - sorry it's a bit garbled - blown away, thank you so much.                                                               (Auckland, New Zealand)


Survey:                                                                                                      Impression of Site? In my opinion I am impressed about everything.               Liked Best: If you train Christians to become leaders and bring changes in our world.                                                                                                                 Liked Least: None.                                                                                           Like to See: Leadership training and Pastoral materials that we can download. Born-again? Yes.
Visit Site: Daily.                                                                                                 Age Group: 30-39.                                                                                  Comments: Keep it up.  Very educative and informative.  Spiritual building when taken very seriously.                                                                              (Accra, Ghana)


Survey:                                                                                                             How Found: Preparing to teach on Mueller's prayer life led me to your site. Impression of Site? WOW.                                                                             Liked Best: The depth of content.                                                                  Liked Least: Silly, but the blue capital letters in your headings.
What could be improved?  Get rid of the blue capital, that's just me.  I like the site, general layout, and content.
Like to See:  Phonetic spelling of the Gaelic sayings.  I studied the language several years back but lack of use, Kansas not having many speakers, caused the learning to lapse.
Born-again? Yes.
Visit Site: Daily.
Age Group: 40-49.
Comments: I am very impressed with the amount of information, prayer and other that you have linked within and externally.  It will take me some time to wade through it all.  Thank you for the time and effort you have expended making this information centrally available.                                           


...charts for praying the Hours and reading the scriptures...I haven't found any resource like yours anywhere.                                                                      Thank you, and God's blessings on your work for Him.                              Pastor Ed R.


Praise the Lord, Monk Preston!
Greetings in the name of our Lord Most High to you and all the Monks in Portland.
My name is Justin and I am writing to you from Wellington, New Zealand.
While I was a student in Vienna, Austria, I had been in touch with the ministry and identified myself as a monk in my heart and joined The Prayer Foundation .  I arranged regular Local Chapter meetings at my place (in Vienna) which were posted on the website.
At present as I am in New Zealand, I would like to update my details and inform you of the Local Chapter being organised here...small gatherings of believers and seekers have been organised at my place.  We have people coming in for an evening tea and we pray and watch Christian DVDs that help us to grow more in Christ, concluded by worship and prayers.

       New Local Chapter of The Prayer Foundation :      

Monk Justin: 41A Daniell Street; Owen Street; Newtown; Wellington, New Zealand.  Times may be confirmed by calling: +64 2102986860.

The Lord has been doing wonderful things in my life; I have been married two years now and we are expecting a baby in May.  My wife is born again from the Orthodox Church.
We find great joy in serving the Lord and observing The Threefold Daily Prayers.
I personally try and observe The Seven Hours of Prayer whenever possible.
The Lord has given a burden in my heart to share the Good News in Wellington through Gospel tracts.  Please pray that I give the right tract to the right person and that the Lord move their heart towards the truth.
Thank you for the prayers and encouragement given through the Foundation
I will try to keep in touch more often, as I consider that would be an encouragement and guidance for my monastic life.
Thanks and regards,
Monk Justin (Wellington, New Zealand)


I was inspired in prayer this evening to research becoming a monk, a lifelong calling of mine, which was regretfully unachievable in my foundation faith, Catholicism.  I was delighted tonight to find your Order immediately on my first search. 
I have been a practicing minister for my entire life,  and was formally ordained in April 1999, synchronistically one month after the foundation of your Order.   I feel totally in alignment with the values and commitments of The Prayer Foundation , and have been faithfully praying and serving as inspired by the Holy Spirit for my entire life.
...there is no doubt that I am "already a Monk in my Heart!"
It is my desire to join the Order in this way, and contribute to your work financially as much as I am able in retirement, and every moment joining you in prayer.  
May you be blessed abundantly for the loving service to all, for the work of your Hearts, Hands, Souls, and Spirits.  Thank you ever so much for the invitation of a lifetime!
                                                                                                                                 I already practice my faith in the same way as the Order, tho the structure is somewhat different only in terms of the times of the day that I pray the same prayers.  I started today practicing those prayers at the times the Order does, and I am so honored and so blessed to have found you all.  You are Anam Cara, my Soul Friends.
I have sent a hand-written thank you note with financial support to become a member of the Order.  There is no greater joy than to have found you, through the Holy Spirit, and feel that my life has come 360 degrees in the practice of my Christian Faith, to join your work and continue to pray unceasingly with you.
Tina B. (Delaware)


Greetings my Beloved Brother and Sister in Christ!
My life has completely changed by following the information and requirements on The Prayer Foundation website since over a year and a half ago.  I love Jesus Christ and I love you and pray for you and others -- always. 
I have met the requirements thus far on my journey and wish to grow closer to God with each day.
I have actually never been happier and this I owe to you Monk Linda and to you Monk Preston.  My life is full.
I love your updated site and if you could, please send a new Monk Certificate and Card.
(I know how busy you are!)
May God continue To bless your work,
Monk Elli (Colorado)


Dear Monk Preston,
It's been awhile since I communicated with you.  ...I have stayed close to the Lord and continued to follow The Prayer Foundation site and our practices...  I spent more time this evening reading and re-reading through The Prayer Foundation website - I really love it and what you are doing.
Thank you and God bless you all.
Monk Karen (New Jersey)


Thank you very much!                                                                                          Best Regards,
Lena G.                                                                     


Dear Friends at The Prayer Foundation :
I am a 55 year old, ordained Assemblies of God minister who has been considering becoming a monk through The Prayer Foundation for quite some time.  I am also looking at going through a two year Spiritual Formation program beginning this fall to become a certified Spiritual Director.  I have a consistent prayer life, read the Bible daily and fast weekly.
Thank you for your time and consideration. 
Richest blessings to you,
Steven W.


Hello, my name is Nathan and I am unable to ignore God's call any longer.      I have been wrestling with it for over two years, but there's just no escaping it.  I live in San Diego and I want to talk with someone about becoming a monk and starting an order of the Knights of Prayer , here in San Diego.  I'm currently in my third year at seminary where I'll earn a master's in marriage and family therapy, as well as extensive training in scripture, theology, hermenutics, and ministry.  Please keep my calling and my ministry in your prayers.
In Him,
Nathan C. (San Diego, California)


Thank you.                                                                                                              I have no call from the Lord Jesus Christ to be on your list as a monk.  I am so happy you are encouraging people to preach the Gospel of Christ.            Yours sincerely,                                                                                                      N.T.W. Henry De S. (Scotland, U.K.)


Greetings, Knights of Prayer ™                                                                                           Thank you so much for this ministry!  Going through the monastic training is energizing my prayer ministry very much.  Especially singing St Patrick's Breastplate first thing every morning, establishes a foundation of peace and powerful connection to God.  Amen.  I have it almost completely "by heart." Blessings abundantly, :)                                                                                     Monk Heidi  (Utah)                                                                                           P.S. Love the new stuff on the website!


...I am grateful for your website and everything your ministry is doing.  It has helped me a lot in my walk with the Lord.
God Bless,
Monk Lance (North Dakota)


Greetings,                                                                                                                I have recently been viewing your website and find it quite wonderful.  I am a non-denominational born again Christian woman.  I rely on the Word to get  me through the day -- like the Monks I try to live in the now and enjoy the special little  moments of life instead of living for what will be down the line.  As you know that is not always possible -- but as the Bible says, what’s impossible with man is possible with God.  So I continue to study and continue to be taught by the Word.  I have lots of family obligations, take care of my mom, work full time, and am an artist; so my life is quite hectic.  

I have become fascinated by the monastic way of life the last several years.  I have a wonderful chanting tape and book about an order of Monks.  The Hours of praying the daily life and the serenity of their life.  With the pressures of my life living in the “natural," peace is not easy to attain -- but I do have some little moments of serenity, and study many peace scriptures.  I praise God for that.

Since viewing your site and printing off the The Seven (Historical) Hours of Prayer,  I have become more attuned to praying without ceasing -- I have also been praying the Seven Hours of Prayer and have found myself thinking about God and praying a lot more during the day.  I check the time of day and begin to pray at those times.  

I have not yet finished viewing all there is to see on your site but what I have seen has been a blessing to me.  I am praying that I can use this information to continue witnessing and be a blessing  on my job.  I sometimes use my art to witness with words of encouragement.  I really felt like you were talking to me when you said many out there already are Monks in their heart…I know I am one.   I would like to get the card and wall hanging in reference to that.

I am sorry to be so wordy -- but your site has me all jazzed up.   I wish you continued success in completing your call  for the “Great Commission.”    Love & Light through Jesus Christ,                                                                  Alexis C.


Dear Monks,                                                                                                     Today while researching online I came across your site.  I am very blessed by your work and direction.  My husband and I were for 30 years Evangelical Charismatics.   We converted to Catholic around 4 years ago after discovering the beauty of the ancient Church Fathers and the beauty of liturgical worship.  My husband for 8 years headed the Christian Coalition for the state of Alabama and I directed a pro-life work in Montgomery Alabama for 18 years.  We have for decades been committed to the unity of Christ’s body both in prayer and work.

When my husband left the Christian Coalition 3 years ago, we moved to a 40 acre farm in rural Alabama.  Our dream is that someday a monastery be located on or near our property…so God Bless your work. 

When we moved down here we turned off TV (we do not have a TV).  Because of this we have like you discovered the buried treasures of Christian movies.  I am going to paste your recommendations into our Netflix Q.  We watch movies on our computer.

In an era of mindless entertainment I am glad to see you point people to entertainment that actually contains nutrition.                                                God Bless your work,                                                                                 Deborah G. (Alabama)


Dear Monk Preston,                                                                                              This is Rev. Jon A.  We have met several times.  We visited your monastery in Vancouver and you visited us out in the Hillsboro and Aloha area.  I now teach a Spiritual Disciplines Class at Horizon Christian High School.  I have showed my students your website and we are all fascinated by the idea of a Born Again Monk.                                                                                           Rev. Jon A., Horizon Christian High School (Tualatin, Oregon)

P.S.: This is the students of Horizon Christian High!!!!!!!!!!!!  Please come to our class and tell us about yourself, we would very much appreciate it.  You are the coolest monk we have ever heard of.  We are truly interested in what you have to say.  Please bring your shields, and robes!!  They are tight.           Thanks, bye!


Survey:                                                                                                             How Found: Google.                                                                                      Liked Best: Everything. This is one of the better websites I have seen.
Liked Least: Not a thing.
What could be improved? Nothing.
Born-again? Yes.
Visit Site: Daily.
Age Group
: 30-39
Comments: Very well done.  Keep up the great work.                                          (Washington State)


Brother Preston and Sister Linda, 
Greetings in the Wonderful Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  I was very happy to view your website.  I am a pastor from Pakistan. I am married; my wife is Gurya, we have 3 daughters and one son.  I am very happy to watch your website and I have been blessed through your site.  I pray for you and your family and your ministry.  First I was a Sunday school teacher, and youth preacher, and outreach leader; now I am a pastor.  God has enabled me to establish Church in different villages working with many tribes and peoples in different parts of Pakistan.                                                                            Yours in His ministry,
Rev. Javed Y. (Lahore, Pakistan)


Survey:                                                                                                             How Found: Google search for persecuted Christians.                                Liked Best: The information and statistics.                                                    Liked Least:  Nothing I have seen.                                                                What could be improved?  I think it is easy to navigate and there is so much information, I don't see that it needs improving.
Born-again? Yes.
Visit Site: Daily.                                                                                                Like to see: Not sure as I am new to your site.
                                    Comments: Great, lots of information!
Linda (Western Australia)


I have been interested in the monastic life ever since I visited the Abbey of Gethsemani in 1997.  I have a Master's degree in Christian Ministry and Leadership.  I have looked at your website from time to time, and I will do so again.  I definitely want to move into being a monk.  I have been discouraged by many who have said that:                                                                                 1. there is no such thing; or...                                                                                2. You can't be a monk unless you are Catholic and not a
I know that you are there and again I am glad for your response.  I will
be joining with you soon.  I don't mean to live in the community with
you.  God calls some of us to stay among the world and be His light, but
I want to be under your umbrella.
Thank you for your message.
Blessings and Peace,
Linda B. (Ohio)


Found your website today....WOW!!!!!                                                                  I used to be Catholic and left the Catholic church years ago and came to the Lord.  My heart has always been Franciscan and I have checked, but I cannot become a Third Order Secular Franciscan - only an affliate - because I am no longer Catholic.
Was doing my research for my Doctorate in Ministry, and decided today that I
should do it on what I love...the Franciscan spirit in relation to
Jesus...while checking around found your site....and stopped researching. 
WOW!!!!  You guys have my favorite movie on your list - Brother Sun, Sister Moon - and everything I have ever read, studied or believed.  Talk about a
divine appointment.
This "monk at heart" wants to join you guys.
Blessing to you all in Jesus our Lord,
Diana H. (California)


I have been exploring the website for several days.                                              I feel drawn to the evangelical monastic life.  The evangelical church has hurt itself by turning its back on forms of faith expressed in some church traditions.                                                                                                         Most churches are unaware of the godly saints that have gone before them.  It is sad that the examples of these faith-filled brothers and sisters have been ignored.                                                                                                               We have the Old Testament prophets, the Apostles, and then...a gap.  The true story of St. Patrick always makes me wonder, what does God ask of me?
Monastic life is discipleship.  If it is of Christ, it is Christ's.  It is only for us to judge whether the fruit is good.
I write as a friend in Jesus.  I am a Monk at heart.                                   Brother Daniel (Indiana)


Dear Monk Preston and Monk Linda,

Grace and peace to you all through the love of Christ our Lord.  I greet and thank you for your support, prayers and concern for the entire community of African Enterprise ministry.

May our heavenly Father continue to bless you all according to His precious promises.

We look forward to hearing from you.                                                                   In Christ's Service,                                                                                        Pastor Stephen Lungu                                                                        International Team leader African Enterprise

Note from the Prayer Foundation : See our webpage, Movie Review: Selected Psalms with Stephen Lungu (Book by Book: The Old Testament)


I read with interest your observations about the early forms of the cross on stone in Ireland and Scotland, especially the free standing gray stone cross with the circle around the cross.

There is one of these free standing crosses in the sanctuary of the Church of Scotland in Kirkinner, Galloway, between Wigton and Whithorn.  I saw it there while we were on pilgrimage, and worshipped with the congregation on a Sunday morning back in 2004.                                                                            We had locating that church as a possible "thin place" because my great grandparents had been married in that church in 1854, just before they emigrated to Elgin, Illinois.  Also, Peter's mother, Janet had been sprinkled with water as on infant in 1800, when the present church house was quite new.  

Anyway, there is the stone cross, apparently turned up in some farmer's field, cleaned up, and set in a concrete base as a reminder of the great host of witnesses who have gone before us.                                                                      I had thought that it was an English cross, possibly of a monk, who was part of a band fleeing from the Norse invasions.  I know that Cuthbert's followers had finally left Lindisfarne about 890 and wandered in what is today northwest England and SW Scotland (Kirkcudbright being marked by Cuthbert's name).  

But I guess you are saying that these freestanding crosses with knotwork on the slab were Celtic in origin, and the predecessors of the massive Scripture crosses that can be seen in Ireland.                                                                       I appreciate and praise God for your website.  We are praying at fixed hours in a prayer garden behind our house that used to be a 24 foot in ground swimming pool.  

Now in our late 70s, we are finally retiring from pastoral ministry at the end of this calendar year, to give fuller attention to our relationship with God in Christ, while remaining active in the church apart from professional pastoral or clerical concerns.                                                                                              In the words of our denomination's 300th anniversary slogan, we are yours, Surrendered to God, Transformed in Christ and Empowered by the Spirit.  Jim and Letha M. (Kentucky)


I would like to thank you for your ministry.                                                         It has been a great encouragement to me in times of despair as well as for my spiritual growth.  I am a Baptist minister in Arkansas and I often turn to your websight for information and encouragement.  I hope to be able to become a postulant monk soon.  Keep up the great work that God has called you to.
In Christ's service,
Patrick S. (Arkansas)


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
My name is Samuel.  I am a prison minister and live in Maine.  I thought that it was a good thing to write and to inform you that I will pray with you and for you.  Thank you for the mission that you are blessed with.  God has given to you a gift that is lacking in this day and age.  God's grace be upon you.  May His peace overshadow your hearts and the unity of faith be ever present in your walk.
IHS,                                                                                                                    Rev. Samuel L.  (Maine)                                                                                        Hancock County Prison Ministries


Your website was quite helpful and enlightening to me.                              Please accept this contribution as part of my tithe for the month of December. Peace be with you all,                                                                                 Susanne (Rome, Italy)


I am from Brazil.  Nowadays I am part of Catholic Charismatic Renewal.  A famous priest here always performs the Saint Patrick Breastplate Prayer.
Due to this, every morning I have performed this prayer and I am spreading this so beautifully written God poetry.
I have a great admiration for Saint Patrick, his life and mission.
I am asking God to bless your Monks' Monastery with His Holy Spirit.       For me was a surprise to know a Non-Catholic Monastery.
Peace and All Good,
Paulo (Brazil)


Survey:                                                                                                             How Found: I suppose (I'm sure) God had a hand in it.                              Liked Best: That I am now a Prayer Warrior, and will actually get to someday be a Lay Monk.
Born-again? Yes.
Visit Site: Daily.
Comments: Fantastic!!!  Your site has more usable information for Christians than I've ever seen.  I love the fact that you open your hearts to all Christians regardless of denomination.


Dear Monks in Jesus,                                                                                             I am Nisha from India.  I had a Visa interview for Denmark.                        This is the first time I came to know about The Prayer Foundation .  I liked the way the monks are thinking.   I strongly believe that we all Christians are God’s children.  Jesus asked all of us to become His disciples.  This is my view.                                                                                                              Thanking you,                                                                                                      Nisha (Kerala, India)


Greetings in Christ's Name,
I received my Certificate and Card.  I am giving thanks to God for bringing me to your door.  Thank you for the Site, and the organization to which I am very proud to be a part of.
Yours in Christ,
Monk Edward (Kosovo)


Monk Preston:

Thanks for your and Monk Linda's ministry.  Thank you for the beautiful certificate...  I have a website,, and was wondering if it would be alright to direct my readers to The Prayer Foundation website (which I could get lost in due to the richness of the content).  Also, I am ordering new business cards for my ministry, and ask your permission to add "K.P.M.O." (Knights of Prayer Monastic Order) to my name.  I don't want to be presumptuous, yet am proud to have affiliation with your order.
                                                                                                                          What I love about The Prayer Foundation is it encourages me to develop spiritually.  My soul invariably finds rest when I enter your website.
Yesterday I spent quite a bit of time on your website, and found myself lost in the depth and breadth of it.  If mine can develop into a quarter of the information you minister to others, I will consider it a huge success.
                                                                                                                      There's sometimes in my life when I spend hours chasing information, trying to be better equipped to minister to others. Then there's a point when I need to listen to God telling me to "Be still, and know that I am God." (Psalm 46:10). That's when I go to your website, find my Bible reading for the day, and find rest.
                                                                                                                             It's at the place of prayer I realize all my efforts and good intentions are amusing to our Father.  The Chilean earthquake reminds me of the power of prayer.  One event affected the entire Pacific Ocean.  So it is with intimate sincere prayer answered by our Lord is more powerful than all the work I can accomplish.
Again, thank you for your ministry, and I look forward to both supporting it and expanding the knowledge of your website.
In Christ, always,
Monk Joe (California)                                                                  


Survey:                                                                                                             How Found: I did not hear, just found it.
Born-again? Yes.
Visit Site: Weekly.
                                                                                             Age Group: 18-29
It's made to attract a person's attention.                                  (Tennessee)


Monk Preston and Monk Linda,                                                                     What an answer to prayer to find the Knights of Prayer !  Of course God's timing is perfect.  To be directed to your website immediately following a time of prayer and fasting for specific direction and purpose was just another example of prayer answered.  

Words cannot express the deep sense of joy of having an impossible prayer answered.  Many times in my life those closest to me have said I had the heart of a monk...alas, being a born again Christian, married with children, and a woman, also made it impossible to follow the calling of my heart.

Thank you for following the calling of your heart that allowed mine to be fulfilled also.                                                                                            Blessings,                                                                                                         Kelly (Eugene, Oregon)


Please enroll me as a Lay Monk and send me the Certificate & Card.  Thank you for your inspiring website.  It gives me great comfort and helps me establish a deeper relationship with my Lord and Savior.                          Thanks and God bless,                                                                                  Pastor Joseph S. (Camarillo, California)


Hello!  I have just discovered your website and am looking forward to learning more about it.  It looks great!
I am interested in Lectio Divina, praying the Hours, and the schedule for daily Scripture reading. Thanks!
I especially like your order's emphasis on the core doctrines that are basic to all orthodox believers no matter what denominational connection they might have.  I think that's very healthy.
I have shared your home page link with my pastor.  He just finished a series of Sunday school lessons on Brother Lawrence's The Practice of the Presence of God, so I included your link to that too (we are nondenominational evangelical, and we share your emphasis on core doctrines and broad outlook.)
Have a great day!
Bob S. (Tennesee)


Survey:                                                                                                                 How Found: Searched for Protestant Monks.
Liked Best: 
Tons of information.
Liked Least:
Green color of pages.                                                                  Like to See: Gregorian Chants.
Born-again? Yes.
Visit Site: Weekly.
Comments: Very impressed.                                                                    (Alabama)


Survey:                                                                                                                 How Found: Google search for Virtual Monasteries.
Liked Best:  Comfort of fellowship.
Liked Least: Nothing
Born-again? Yes.
Visit Site: Daily.
Comments: Nice colour; haven't really explored it yet.  
                            (NSW, Australia)


Good morning,
After finding your website, I recommited myself to the Lord, I prayed the prayer, and am starting to pray the hours with you.  I admit I had been lax, but this website has given me a fresh perspective.  I would like to study the monastic life, and become a part of your community of lay monks.  God bless you for all your work for the Lord.  I am also going to start having a worship service on Sundays using yours.  I feel like I have just taken a lot of weight off of my shoulders, and all my worries will soon disappear.                            Thank you so much.
Denise (Texas)


Greeting in Christ!                                                                                                  It has been a pleasure to “meet you” via your website.  I have often wished to find a ministry such as yours; combining the emphasis on solitude and prayer from my Roman Catholic background with an Evangelical Faith that I found at the age of 21.  The Lord has been taking me on a journey of studying the Early Church and seeking a deeper prayer life that includes doing the Daily Office, regular days of fasting and setting aside days for solitude.  To say I was blessed to find your ministry is an understatement!

I am a pastor of an Evangelical church in Illinois , and am completing 25 years of vocational ministry on Feb. 3rd.  I have been given the blessing of a three month Sabbatical....  The theme of my sabbatical is Prayer and Spiritual Formation.  I have recently (over the past 5 years) seen the central role of prayer, meditation, reflection and solitude on deepening one’s walk with God.  In addition to deepening our own relationships with God during the three months, my wife Denise and I want to discern how to help others deepen their prayer lives as a part of discipleship.

Thank you so much for your ministry.  Thank you and God Bless!                   Len T. (Illinois)


Wonderful website!                                                                                            I've been blessed visiting your website a number of times in the recent weeks. I particularly like the book and film recommendations. Also, being of Irish heritage, I'm intrigued by your emphasis on Celtic.  This is an area I would love to spend more time studying.
I already have the Lutheran Liturgical Prayer Brotherhood CD of mp3s.  They have a very nice Protestant prayer book, useful for praying the hours.  After evaluation, you may consider including them on your links page:
I also want to thank you for including Wycliffe Bible Translators on your links page.  I am a translation advisor serving with SIL in Papua New Guinea, translating the NT and some OT materials into the Bariai language.  Praise God, he has blessed this work and helped us greatly in these past 16 years!
Many blessings in Christ for the New Year.
Steve G. (Papua New Guinea)


Dear Monks,
I just came upon your Prayer Foundation by chance.  I sent in the survey form last evening saying I was happy and delighted to read some of your website and your Liturgy of the Hours is excellent.  I say the Liturgy of Hours Morning , @Noon and Evening and at times Bedtime.  I became a Professed Benedictine Camaldolese Oblate Hermit or Solitary as I cannot live in a Monastery, or be a Consecrated Hermit because I am a married woman...I am delighted that your Ministry is that of prayer for the whole world as well as yourselves.
I love your Daily Liturgy of the Hours and am going to pray it for a change...I know your Daily Prayer Schedule will fit me well.  ...I am passionate about people developing a deeper relationship with Our Lord Jesus Christ as He is our beginning and our end and our endless desire for Him, so I will keep in touch with your prayer site as long as you don't mind my being Catholic.  I would take on your studies, but I have mine to do still for about another 2 years.  Please pray for me and I will include you in my daily prayers along with your Prayer Chain and Requests for prayer.
So it is a wonderful vocation you have been given and The Prayer Foundation, the Monks, the Virtual Chapel and so much more I have to read will help me in my present studies I am sure.  I was wondering about buying a Prayer Book, but I see it is all up on the Computer screen and this makes it so easy.
God's peace, love and  Blessings be with you always,
Greetings from Australia,
Sharon K. (Australia)


To the Monks at The Prayer Foundation,
Wow; what some great material.
You have gone above and beyond in answering my questions.  This will be great food for thought and I appreciate your taking the time to prepare the answer.
Your website is a wealth of information. 
God Bless -                                                                                                             Peter James (Lee, Massachusetts)


I am currently going to seminary...Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary (Southern Baptist), but I have really contemplated becoming a monk.  I was trying to see on your website if you had some sort of a..."day in the life" type of page.  I have been doing a ton of research in trying to find a Protestant monastery, but it seems those are only myths within Protestantism.  I am not sure if I share your affinity for Celtic traditions, but I was wondering if you could give me more information or if you could tell me of any other Protestant monasteries around the world.
Thank you,
Larry G. (Mill Valley, California)


Hello and greetings in the name of the Lord!
I would like to become a prayer warrior (with your ministry).
I am a born again Christian.
I visit your site weekly.
I am a missionary here in the Philippines and it would be a blessing if I could partner with you in reaching more lost souls for the Lord.
Thanks again and God bless.
In Christ,
Bro. Justin B. (Cavite, Philippines)


Dear Friends,
I was directed to your website after some brothers visited it and determined "it was meant for me."  I have always been a monk of sorts.  Though I am married and a teacher, I have lived a monastic lifestyle for decades.  I would like to be a part of what you are doing, even perhaps beginning a fellowship here in the mountains of West Virginia.
Brother + Dr. Mike K., ThD, DD, PhD
Western Evangelical Bible College
Charlton Heights, West Virginia)


I was learning from Christian website.  I fortunately entered into your website.  I have study much from there.  I am a man who like praying and I have a prayer ministry.
I am very happy to contact you.  I do not know if you will accept us to affiliate with you.
Again, remember us in your prayers.  We also preach the gospel to the poor.
Thank you.
Yaw O. (Ghana)


Hello Friends,                                                                                                          I pray that this Christmas season brings you closer to our Savior.                May you have a blessed and wonderful year.                                        Beannachd Dia dhuit (Blessings of God be with you),                                    Rev. Mike & Daryl Ann                                                                                    Cill Dara Ministries                                                                                        Celtic Church List


Wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!                                      Shaji K. (Kuwait - originally from Kerala, India)


Monk Preston & Monk Linda -
I pray this note finds you both doing exceedingly well.
...I wish to again thank you and congratulate you on the success of your ministry over the past 10 years.  I join with you in praising God for blessing you in your endeavors.  It has been a pleasure to watch the growth of The Prayer Foundation
and your monastic order over the years; and especially a joy to see you retain a joyous orthodox stance during this time.
I have become increasingly interested in your monastic order during the past few years...                                                                                                        May God continue to richly bless and encourage you in your ministry for Him.
Peace always,
Hugh K.                                                                                                Introspicere Ministries


I absolutely love this web site.  Among other things, I count on seeing Brother Juniper every day...
Thank you and God bless you all.
Jean (Tucson, Arizona)


Love the site; its so full of information...I am in Afghanistan getting ready to come home...I help with the youth ministry back home and it was suggested to go to your site.  I am very interested in the Knights of Prayer...I will be digging deeper to find more out on your site about it...until we speak (email) again, be with Him and I pray for all your ministries and anything unspoken.
Adam G. (Afghanistan)


Dear Monk Preston & Monk Linda,

Greetings in the name of our Risen Lord!
We are writting you on behalf of The Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches. We have kept up with you and the ministry over the years and have been greatly blessed by your love for Christ and the Church.
We are especially blessed by the way you are encouraging people to know the Lord and grow in his Grace and Love.
We should have written a long time ago to tell you we appreciate you including the CEEC in your history of Protestant Monasticism. We have many people who have continued to pursue an evangelical monastic life.
This week beginning October 21st, 2009 the CEEC Bishops are meeting in Synod and we thought it would be nice if we could read a letter of greeting and prayer to the Synod, from The Prayer Foundation . This would also give us a nice way of exposing more people to your web site.
Other fellow "monastics" have been kind to do so, we have included one example from Ray Simpson from Lindisfarne.
In Christ,
The Bishops of the CEEC.


Ray Simpson, Community of Aidan and Hilda: To the Synod of the International House of Bishops, Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches; Atlanta, Georgia, USA.                    18 October 2009

Dear Brothers in Christ,                                                                                   Greetings and prayers for your gathering in synod October 21- 24th from the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, Cradle of Christianity for English-speaking people.

Thank you for the ways you co-operate with God’s stirrings in our world and also for remaining human. As you seek to discern your core values and build God-given foundations into a new generation of leaders, know that we resonate with you, for we, too, are seeking to do just that.

As I begin to hand on my Guardian’s duties I have moved to a new home named White House. Those early missionary founders Martin of Tours and Ninian of Britain established White Houses that formed the praying, hospitable heart of mission networks. Smaller white houses of prayer and sacrament became the hub of Christian outreach in many parts of what is now Scotland. The names of successors whom Ninian appointed are known. These formed one family, or dispersed community, who looked to The White House in Galloway as their mother house.

I have no sense that God wants me to control things, but I do hear these words: ‘Foundations, foundations, foundations.’ That is why, for several years I have poured my life experience into the writing of daily reflections and spiritual exercises on our Way of Life which is published this month as Waymarks for the Journey. We are also preparing a Foundations Course, but even more important than these will be building foundations through relationships.

Our members in Norway and other lands seek to build foundations by re-connecting with the early desert fathers and mothers, and re-living the journey from the sinful Ego to the True Self in God, to be stripped of everything until there is nothing left but love. Do not strive to make things happen: allow God to lead you into the deep touching places.

It is a crucial and a costly time, but it is God’s time.  So, dear brothers, be real, go deep, laugh, cry and journey through cross-cultural but cross-centered exchange into the lasting fruits of resurrection. There will always be a welcome here at our Retreat House, The Open Gate, and in our prayers.

Your brother in Christ,

Ray Simpson

Community of Aidan and Hilda                                                                                                                    A Way of Life for our world                                                                                                                 From the International Guardian, Revd. Ray Simpson                                                                White House, Holy Island, Berwick-upon-Tweed , TD15 SRN (U.K.)


Monk Preston & Monk Linda, The Prayer Foundation Knights of Prayer : To the Bishops of the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches,

Greetings, and the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all, beloved in the Lord, dearest brothers and fellow-servants of Christ,
We here in God's beautiful Pacific Northwest, at The Prayer Foundation Headquarters in Vancouver, Washington, and with our 200-some Knights of Prayer Monks around the world, stand with you in prayer as you meet in Synod October 21-24. Over 1,700 of our Prayer Warriors from 43 Countries are praying for you all, and moment-by-moment lifting up your fellowship in their dedicated prayer times around the clock on our 24-Hr. Prayerchain, that the Lord may be with you, with your spirits.

For us, the Lutheran Theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer summed it all up when he wrote:

"...the restoration of the church will surely come only from a new type of monasticism which has nothing in common with the old but a complete lack of compromise in a life lived in accordance with the Sermon on the Mount in the discipleship of Christ.  I think it is time to gather people together to do this...'" 

We offer our Interdenominational website to you, that it may hopefully be of benefit to some: over 1,000 webpages of prayer teaching and resources from all Christian Communions of all ages - Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Protestant.
We encourage yourselves along with ourselves in remembrance of "the main and plain" teachings of Holy Scripture.  The four areas of Right Belief, Right Life, Right Witness and Right Ministry
Orthodoxy: for the Apostles handed down in the Rule of Faith what was compiled by the entire Church into the Symbol of our Faith, the Nicene CreedOrthozoe: "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God."  Purity of life.  Orthomartus: words and life in balance, "in spirit and in truth".  When either is neglected, our witness is marred.  Orthodiakonia: What would the Lord have me to do today?  And to saturate our lives in the Two Devotions: the Word of God, and Prayer.
The monk, The Venerable Bede, writing in his masterwork: The Ecclesiastical History of the English People, said this of the Celtic Missionary Monk, Aidan:

"He cultivated peace and love, purity and humility; he was above anger and greed, and despised pride and conceit; he set himself to keep and teach the laws of God, and was diligent in study and in prayer...I greatly admire all these things about Aidan."

Pax et Bonum to you all,
Co-Founders: The Prayer Foundation Knights of Prayer Monks
Vancouver, Washington
October 21st, 2009


Monk Preston, Monk Linda,
Thank you very much for the response and we thank you even more for the prayers and intercessions. Please be assured that your words of encouragement, wisdom and exhortation will be read to all the Bishops gathered in Synod this week.

We will also take time to call their attention to the good work you are doing for the life and renewal of the Church and it's mission.

May the Lord bless your day and ministry.
In Christ,
Bishops of the CEEC


Dear Monk Preston and Monk Linda,
I am fascinated by your approach to monasticism. I am researching the
role of music in twenty-first-century monasticism and would dearly love
to know what sort of music you use in your prayer and worship. I see
from your website that you use guitars on occasion, but you don't
mention any regular use of instruments, or the sort of music you sing or
play.                                                                                                                      Of course, plainchant is 'the voice of monasticism' and I wonder
whether, having employed many of the other historically-important
monastic symbols such as the habit, you have given any thought to the
sort of music you would like to incorporate in your monastic life?
With best wishes,
Amanda H. (University of Bristol, England)

Reply from The Prayer Foundation Knights of Prayer : We have had guests play guitar or accompany traditional Hymns with harmonica or whatever instrument they offered to bring.

We sing several portions of our Interdenominational Worship Service (Weekly
): The Opening Gloria Patri (Eastern Version), The Lord's
(Albert Hay Malotte Version), Hallelujah (modern Chorus Version),
Gloria Patri (Western Version), Trisagion: "Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy
Immortal, have mercy on us."
(Eastern), Epiklesis (Eastern - Blessing of  Bread, Wine, and Congregants), and The Doxology.

A Celtic Christian Prayer or Song may be said from memory, or sung, or read; such as St. Patrick's Breastplate Prayer (Lorica), Aidan's Prayer,
Manchan's Poem, Columcille's Poem, Columcille's Boat Song; or a Franciscan Prayer or Song, such as Lord Make Me an Instrument of Thy Peace or The Canticle of Brother Sun.

Three Psalms, Hymns
, and/or Spiritual Songs are sung.  Or memorized Psalms may be recited or chanted.  "Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord." -Colossians 3:16.  

We believe that this verse covers the use of: the Book of Psalms, Classic Christian Hymns, and even modern "Choruses".  However, we look askance at the modern use of "choruses" solely, as lacking the instructional doctrinal content found in the classic hymns, and, of course, also in the Biblical Psalms.

We most often use the unaided human voice.  Our preference however, when possible, is to have accompaniment with traditional Celtic music instrumentation: Bodran drum, penny whistle, fiddle, uillean bagpipe---with or without guitar.

For an example of other (post-moderns) who use these instruments in a more
traditional ancient Celtic influenced service, see our webpage: Celtic Baptists.


Dear Prayer Foundation ,

I have visited your website for the first time today...
I currently live and work in Africa, Uganda. 
Carol (Uganda)


The Peace of the Lord Be with you all.
Dear Brothers,
I am a temporal profess Brother and saw your order on the Internet and was interested in the life.  I wish to be friendly brother to your community...I am of age 25 years and I am a high school Graduate in Cameroon.
Hoping to read from you and your community.                                                      Extend my greetings to your community.
Your Brother,
Mbinglo A. (Cameroon)


I recently discovered your website and have found it to be very encouraging and a wonderful resource.  So much of the content resounds with my spirit and I am very grateful.
I believe that your work and ministry is God-honoring, joyful and full of grace.   
Yours most sincerely in Christ Jesus our Lord,
Pam B., staff
First Presbyterian Church
(Reading, Pennsylvania)


Good Afternoon,
I am very interested in affiliating with a monastic order so that I might deepen my relationship with Christ, and live His will more fully.  While I once belonged to the Roman Rite, my family and I now worship at an Anglican Parish that blends evangelical worship with Anglo-Catholic sacramental theology and liturgy.  While I typically identify more with the Anglo-Catholic side of the aisle, so to speak, I wholeheartedly agreed with everything in your Statement of Faith.  Alas, most Anglican orders in the U.S. are Episcopalian, and are succumbing to the heresy that plagues that Church.  I suppose you could say I take a very "Dominican" view of my faith - I am deeply interested and involved in theological and philosophical speculation, but want to live those studies out concretely by serving my community.  Would someone such as myself feel at home with the Knights of Prayer?                                        God Bless,                                                                                                      Shawn S.                                                                                                         Veritas Lux Mea
                                                                                                                         Reply from The Prayer Foundation : Perhaps only yourself can ultimately decide whether you would feel at home in our Order---we certainly do not see any reason why you wouldn't.  You should begin with prayer.  Pray for guidance in this matter. 
Our Order excludes only those who do not agree with our Statement of Faith (essentially the doctrines of The Nicene Creed).
                                                                                                                            You could also begin with as much of our Daily Prayer: Praying the Hours as you feel led to do, and again also with our "Growing In Christ" Monastic Training Course.
In addition to this, we recommend just reading through our website.  If you read (for example) ten pages per day, it would take you over three months to read through our entire website! There is posted on it much more prayer instruction than any one person would or even could practice, but this is because one thing will be of benefit for one person, and another will benefit another (and some may be of benefit at different or particular times of the individual's life).


I am so sorry that a site that is dedicated to Christ has to twist history and spend so much of their writings belittling the Catholic Faith while using their own Church Fathers against them.  You are highjacking the Catholic Church Fathers solely to justify your beliefs that can not stand in real truth.  May the Lord and the Holy spirit help you to see what your doing.  If your faith were truly God centered, you would not have to feel the need to discredit a Faith (the true faith) and would just preach the word of God.  I could not believe your lies about Thomas a Kempis:

"The Church Hierarchy of the time was not comfortable with the new movement and gave them the option of becoming Augustinian Monks or being declared heretics and being burned at the stake."                                  

I would like you to prove this with undisputable facts.  I am sure you can't and I probably will not get a reply from you.                                                         May our Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on you!                                         (Email Unsigned)

                                                                                                                         Reply from The Prayer Foundation : We do not belittle the Roman Catholic Church on our website---we are an Interdenominational Christian ministry; including Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Protestant Christians among our volunteers.  All hold to the same essential basic Christian teachings as found in the Nicene Creed (see our webpage: What All Christians Believe in Common: Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, & Protestant).  

The Church Fathers are the common heritage of all Christians.

It should come as no news to most Roman Catholics that there were problems in the lives of some of those in the Church hierarchy during the Middle Ages.

One can also find posted on our website that some Lutherans and other early Protestants persecuted Anabaptists.  That the Anglican Church persecuted the Puritans.  That the Puritans (called Pilgrims in America) persecuted  Quakers (Friends).  It is truly not a very pretty picture---but it is what actually happened in history.
                                                                                                                          Even St. Francis and the first few Franciscans were suspect at first.  In Franco Zefirelli's fine Film, Brother Son, Sister Moon, the Bishop's assistant, when trying to get Francis in to see Pope Innocent III, tells Francis how close he is to being burned as a heretic (the Hierarchy thought Francis sounded like, and might therefore be, a Waldensian).  

When the Church later changed the Franciscan Order after St. Francis' death, the original followers of St. Francis ("The Spirituals") who wanted to remain living as they had done in the beginning, were also told to conform to the new changes or be burned as heretics.  Read any Roman Catholic History of St. Francis; we have reviewed one such (the best one, in our opinion): St. Francis of Assisi: A Biography, by Omer Englebert (published by Franciscan Herald Press).

The Brethren of the Common Life began under Gerard Groote as a loosely structured, home lay "renewal" movement.  But as it grew to comprise hundreds of houses, it drew the negative attention of the clergy, whose lives Groote was denouncing as being decadent and evil.  Groote's only intention was to purify the Catholic faith, and its followers' morality.  

The Church hierarchy at this time, however, was suspicious of any movement not authorised and under the auspices of the Church; that they felt could lead to, or fall into heresy.  The penalty for heresy at that time was being burned at the stake.

The Church required as proof of the Brethren of the Common Life's orthodoxy, that they enter into the established structure of the Church (in this case, the Augustinian and Franciscan Orders---the men becoming Augustinian Monks in 1394---and the women becoming "Third Order" Franciscans).  

Some References:
Wikipedia: "Brethren of the Common Life": "A small band of followers attached themselves to Groote and became his fellow-workers, thus becoming the first "Brethren of the Common Life" (Dutch: Broeders des gemeenen levens). The reformer was opposed by the clergy whose lives he denounced in his preaching as decadent and evil, but his zeal for purifying the Catholic faith and the morality of its followers won many to his cause."

"The Word Made Flesh" by Margaret Ruth Miles (2005), P. 201: "...the sisters and brothers were forced to abandon the freeform communities intended by their founder.  To escape the charges of heresy that threatened religious groups whose social and religious loyalties were unclear to outsiders, they affiliated with recognized religious orders."


My heart is warm again and I am feeling happier.  It has been 7 years since (my traumatic experience) and I truly feel life is returning, and that I am beginning to be in the world again and not in a pit.  Thank you.  I would love to visit your Foundation one day.                                                                       Much love in Christ,                                                                                   Victoria


I am interested in your community.  It is something I've been looking for, for many years.
I am an ordained Presbyterian minister who was asked to leave because of my belief in the present day ministry of the Holy Spirit, and my stand on Baptism.  That was many years ago.  Since then I have volunteered actively in the Nazarene Church. 
I...have lived alone now for about twenty years.
I am retired and follow a regular schedule of daily prayer and Bible reading.
For quite some time God has been moving on my heart to find a few Christian brothers and form a monastery.  To show you my ignorance, I did not know there were any in existence, especially you right here in Oregon.  All I want is to spend time in prayer, study and possibly some writing.  I have just finished commentaries on John and Mark.  All I want is to humbly proclaim the Word of God.  I am so very much interested in your community.
Robert I. (Salem, Oregon)


I am pretty sure that you have good intentions, but your ideas are rather messed, up unless you want to pretend to be 300 AD Christians.
1. a Monk is by tradition a male member of one the following Monastic Orders, Benedictine, Camaldolese, Cistercian & Charthusian (sic) and ususally living in celibacy in the enclosure of a Monastery, and your green monastic habit is as ar (sic) as I can tell a Copy of the habit worn by Benedictine Monastics, it seems to me that your sprituallity (sic) is more Franciscan, so why nor (sic) adopt their religious habit?
2. I do not know what the word "nun" actually means, and I do not find it a degrading term for a female monastic, but I do find the term lady Monk ridiculus (sic).
3. To me it seems as if you are just playing a game, kind of role play as an excuse for wearing a Monastic habit, I would say join a real monastery and do the hard work or grow up (sic)

Comment from The Prayer Foundation : We do indeed  feel that we are not worthy even to unloose the sandals of the Christians of 300 A.D.  We are not pretending to be them, but we do desire to also hold to the basic essential doctrines of the historic Christian faith which they held (see our webpages: The Nicene Creed;The Nicene Creed: Scripture Basis; Our Statement of Faith).

1. Our Green Monastic Habit was designed by us to be distinct of, and to uniquely represent our own Monastic Order.  It is not similar to any of the  Benedictine Habits.  It is similar in cut to the Reformed Cistercian (Trappist: which is Black on White), as is also that of the Franciscan Friars of EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network: theirs is Brown on Brown---there is no one "universal" Franciscan style of Habit).  The many different Franciscan Orders in the Roman Catholic Church each have their own distinctly styled Habits unique to their own Orders.  And of course this is also true of the several Anglican Franciscan Orders.

2. "Nun" is a term meaning "female religious", or "female monastic".

Someone we greatly admire, Fr. John Michael Talbot, founder of "The Little Portion" Franciscan Community (Roman Catholic), also has adopted and uses the term "Monks" for its female monastics.  Since Pope Benedict XVI is fine with this, and since you seem to be of the Roman Catholic persuasion, your "difference of opinion" (which you are certainly entitled to) seems to be actually with Pope Benedict XVI, rather than with us.

3. It does not seem to us that we are "playing a game" when one of us street-preaches in Mexico and a soldier puts a shotgun to our head, ordering us to leave; or when one of us tries to aid fellow Christians in China, and later learns that they were followed and arrested for speaking to us (again, you are certainly entitled to your own opinion on this).

Your comment that we should join a "real" monastery ( this you mean a Roman Catholic monastery?) is unintentionally extremely ironic.  In the beginning days of St. Francis' preaching ministry (a uniquely new form of religious life at that time) the townspeople of Assisi threw garbage and rocks at him, and asked him why he didn't just go join a monastery and become a monk (and quit bothering them with the witness of his words and his life).

Perhaps you are not aware that Roman Catholic monasteries do not allow those who are not Roman Catholics to take monastic vows as full-time Monks.  

Because we are Evangelical Protestants, and in 1999 there was no such thing as an Evangelical (born again) Christian monastery, we felt led in that year to found the very first one; this one.

Clarification of terms:  It is often confusing to Evangelical Protestants (and vice versa) that Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholics have often used the term "born again" in reference to Baptism.  When most (though not all) Evangelical Protestants use the term "born again", they generally are not referring to Baptism at all, but rather are meaning by it what most Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholics mean when they instead use the (universally accepted) term: "conversion experience".

As we have heard the Roman Catholic Franciscan Friars on EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network) say many times on the air---"everyone needs to have a conversion experience."  -"Life On the Rock".

An Eastern Orthodox view of the necessity of personal conversion to Christ: "Repentance is the essence of this whole venture; of what it means to be an Orthodox Christian.  I'm talking about each and every person... We are all converts.  Christianity only exists as a Church of converts.  Being born into it can be very wonderful...  But, you still have to accept it.  You still have to make a conscious choice.  You still have to enter into that process of inner conversion.  Because the word repentance also means conversion."  -His Beatitude, Metropolitan Jonah; Leader of the OCA (Orthodox Church in America); from his 2009 Speech in Miami Lakes, Florida, "Preparing for Great Lent".


Dear Monk Preston and Monk Linda,
I would like to subscribe to your E-mail newsletter.
I think your website and all that you stand for is fantastic.  This is what I have been looking for, for many years now, but being an evangelical born again believer I could not find anything to satisfy the longings of my heart.
I have desired for so long to be so close to God that I would be aware of His presence every moment of the day.
I can not thank you enough for all that you have done for me in creating The Prayer Foundation website.
I drove out to the countryside at 6am the other morning to do my daily prayers, I  felt so close to God as I looked out on a beautiful sunrise, that I was reduced to tears of joy and gratitude as I marvelled at the wonders of His creation.

I will be sending a cheque/money order for my certificate (Lay Monk).

Yours in Him,
Malcolm S. (England)


(The Original Email:) I have been doing a lot of study in the Bible, and have come to the conclusion that I must obey the gospel. If I don’t obey that one gospel I won’t be saved. This is my dilemna.  I have heard so many different “plans” of salvation, that they can not all be right, because Paul mentioned “the” one gospel.  If I will be lost if I don’t obey “the” gospel, God must have told man what it means to obey the gospel in His Word.  Otherwise he would be a very cruel God, and I know he is not cruel.                                                   I found this (false teaching) on your website: Plan of Salvation.                        I have looked (in vain) for the command (in the Bible) to accept Christ as my savior in order to be saved.  I have been unable to find the verse that instructs me on how to do each of these things. My understanding is rather that the Bible teaches that people are saved at the point of baptism.                      (Name Withheld by Us)

Comment from The Prayer Foundation : Gospel just means "good news"---the good news about Christ: Christ came down from Heaven; Christ died for our sins; Christ rose from the dead---and you either have Him (as your personal Lord and Saviour) or you don't.  You don't need any formula or particular prayer.  Just sincere repentance and belief: "He that has the Son has life..." -I John 5:12

Our webpage: Plan of Salvation is composed of a collection of scripture texts relating to Salvation.  Do you mean to say that Holy Scripture is "false teaching"?  We believe it to be God's Word, inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Your claim to have heard so many different "plans of salvation" we find to be disingenuous---in forty years of Christian study, we have never heard of any other "plan of salvation" than that taught by the Apostles in the Holy Scriptures: Repent; and believe in Jesus Christ.   

Perhaps you are referring to the various organizations who reject belief in basic Biblical teachings (summarized  in the Nicene Creed: such as that of the Trinity, the Deity of Christ, The Virgin Birth, Eternal Judgement, Heaven and Hell, and and so forth) like the Jehovah's Witnesses and the Mormons---or to other religions, like Hinduism and Buddhism---but you do not actually seem to be referring to these groups.

"Repent therefore and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out."  -Acts 3:19
"And brought them out, and said, Sirs, what must I do to be saved?  And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved..."  -Acts 16:30,31                                                                                                          "That if you shall confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus, and shall believe in your heart that God has raised him from the dead, you shall be saved.  For with the heart man believes unto righteousness;  and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation."  -Romans 10:9,10

It is true that Christ commands all Christians to be baptised.  However, baptism is not essential for salvation (consider the thief on the cross: "And Jesus said unto him, Truly I say unto you, today you shall be with me in paradise."  -Luke 23:43).  

Baptism is not even a part of the Gospel according to the Apostle Paul (and the Holy Spirit!): "I thank God that I baptized none of you...For Christ sent me not to baptize, but to preach the Gospel."  -I Corinthians 1:14,17

For a more complete discussion of this subject, see our webpage: Open Letter On Baptism.

(The Response to Our Comments:) It is don't want to see the whole truth of the scriptures.

With your obvious perversion of concepts and the scriptures, which are distorted in a horrible way, there is no reason for me to lovingly correct the error your group is promoting.
You really need to consider what you are saying about the thief on the cross... ...I pray that you will seek the truth from God's word, instead of repeating error that has been going on since the time of Jesus.
(Name Withheld by Us)
                                                                                                                          Response Comment from The Prayer Foundation ™: We cannot "consider what we are saying" about the thief on the cross, because we did not say anything about the thief on the cross---we merely quoted to you what our Lord said about him in the Holy Spirit inspired Holy Scriptures.  Your disageement is not with us, but with what Christ said in Luke 23:43, and what the Apostle Paul (whom we also merely quoted) taught regarding the relationship of the Gospel and Baptism in I Corinthians 1:14,17.

Thank you for saying that we are teaching the Scriptures as they have been taught from the time of Jesus.  This is indeed our hope and goal.  As you may already know, it is called the "one holy universal (catholic) and apostolic faith" in the ancient historic Creeds.

"We have learned the plan of our salvation from no one else other than from those through whom the gospel has come down to us.  For they did at one time proclaim the gospel in public.  And at a later period, by the will of God, they handed the gospel down to us in the Scriptures --- to be ' the ground and pillar of our faith.' "  -Irenaeus of Lyon (written Ca. 175-185 A.D. in "Against Heresies")


I am a Christian, and want to grow in prayer and intimacy with the Lord.  I currently am serving in my local church Body as the leader of our prayer ministry.  I am intrigued by your website, and have spent quite awhile reading your pages.  I believe your disciplines could help me mature in Christ, and am considering applying to join the monastic order.  Most of the content on your site really glorifies God, and is completely Biblical, and I was blessed to read it.
I think it is great that you leave the non-essentials out of requirements for your membership...                                                                                           Your website is literally one of the most uplifting, godly websites I have ever read, even among the more heavily publicized and heavily funded ones.
Grace and peace in our Lord Jesus Christ,
Shelley (Indianapolis, Indiana)
"Live one surrendered day at a time...eyes to the east, hands to the cross, feet to the path." -Beth Moore


Dear Monk Preston,
Christ is Risen.
                                                                                                      It was strange to stumble across your website at a time when I am preparing to hit the streets so to speak in South Carolina.
Evangelical Protestant Monks, who would have thought.  Anyway, I want to add your organization to my prayer book, I keep a journal of prayers for everyone that I have been in contact with whether in person or email and whatever their prayer needs are is placed into the book and prayed over morning and evening everyday.  So again, we are very similar in our chosen vocation and in the manner in which we conduct it, one Protestant and one Orthodox.
May God be with you in all that you do,
In Christ+
Monk Michael (South Carolina)


May the Lord give you Peace!

Happy Resurrection day to you and yours.  May the power and the glory of Christ's resurrection be yours today and forever.
Blessings,                                                                                                            Rev. Br. Joe P., C.J.


I haven’t visited in awhile, and was just delighted today to find updated material and more features.  Thank you!                                                    Rhonda B. (Canada)


Dear Monks,
I appreciate your website and daily readings
Thank you,
Floyd S.


I am so blessed to have found your website.                                                         I am a home schooling mom to four children and have always been interested in set times of prayer.  I feel that it would bless and anchor my days to have other times of prayer and meeting with the Lord besides just the morning. 
Grace & Peace,


Glory to Jesus Christ! GLORY FOREVER!
Dear Friends in Christ Jesus,
Peace be with you.
Thank you for your web site!
                                                                              Are you familiar with the Global Day of Prayer?
I thought you may be interested.
Father Wade Fahnestock+
Old Catholic Priest
Pastor of First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
(Lakeland, Florida)

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